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We are pleased to summarize a recent Canadian HR Reporter article, “New deadline for AODA compliance looms on horizon,” with insight from Dave Bushuev.

Organizations with 20 or more employees in Ontario as well as designated public sector organizations must confirm their ongoing compliance with the accessibility requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

Employers don’t often remember they have to do it again, every three years; because three years is a long time, a lot of people in HR tend to forget about these reporting requirements. So there tends to be a bit of a frenzy in December.

Dave Bushuev, an associate at Baker McKenzie.

For the upcoming December 31, 2023 deadline, employers in Ontario must provide an update on their employee-wide training efforts around AODA that covers the accessibility customer service standard, work-related accessibility topics, the Ontario Human Rights Code, and business accessibility policies. The aim is to ensure that employees know their obligations under AODA, and how to support and assist people who may have a disability and have trouble accessing services.

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