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Special thanks to Sanjay Khanna for this piece.

Amidst the planetary emergency of climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic is testing modern civilization’s preparedness for shocks across spheres of finance, economics and technology; global, national and regional governance; global and population health; social cohesion and food security. While the vast majority of businesses around the world are today in the throes of the immediate impacts of the pandemic, it is important to state that the consequences of this abrupt global change will reverberate beyond the coming decade, much like the repercussions of the 2007-10 financial crisis.

After acute phases of the COVID-19 response are complete, business leaders must ask what they can do to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. How can they position themselves to succeed in a turbulent world for which there are limited strategic advisory, operational, organizational, or social resources to aid effective and comprehensive adaptation?

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