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Special thanks to co-presenter Sarah Mavula.

Quebec’s Bill 96 significantly expanded existing French language requirements under Quebec’s Charter of the French language, including new translation requirements for a wide range of employment documents. Similarly, the treatment of commercial standard form contracts (or contracts of adhesion) must now be translated into French first, even if the parties agree to proceed in a language other than French, such as English. 

This video is tailored to employment counsel, HR, and advertising and marketing professionals, as well as business professionals seeking to expand their business and workforce in Quebec.

In Part 2 of our series on Bill 96, our Canadian Employment & Compensation and International Commercial lawyers outline obligations for organizations doing business in Quebec, and employers operating in Quebec (including federally-regulated employers), along with enforcement measures and trends since the implementation. 

Click here to watch the Part 2 video.

In case you missed it, watch Part 1 of our two-part In Focus video series on Quebec’s Bill 96: Trademarks Plus Advertising & Marketing featuring presenters Jeremy Hann, Stephanie Vaccari and Sarah Mavula where we discuss the specifics of the new requirements outlined by Quebec’s Bill 96, including how copy must appear on products and product packaging, and what the rules mean for businesses’ trademark portfolios. Watch this episode and learn what you need to know before the June 1, 2025 deadline.

Click here to watch the Part 1 video.